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I’m going to Florida tomorrow omg

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Exam update so far

-modies was okay tbh
-benign neglect
-non calculator math was shite
-no quadratic formula
-the SQA is gross
-Curriculum for Excellence sucks

To any of my Scottish followers taking Nat 5 Chemistry, good luck tomorrow!

4 down, 4 to go~

I’m going to fail help

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HEY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!

So basically: I can’t use this account anymore because I logged out, forgot my password and I can’t get into the email I used for this.

I made a new blog, ro0sterteeth, that I’ll be using from now on- so if you guys could be amazing and follow me on that blog instead? It’s basically this blog but newer.

If you do I’ll love you forever, thank you, Cupcakes!

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i love your blog and you're really cute

Thanks cutie! I couldn’t reply that quickly because I’ve logged myself out on my laptop and forgotten my password so I can only use my phone x

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I love Miles and Arryns tweets about pizza

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The best of Rey Narvez Jr ”BrownManPls”

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Happy 11th anniversary to the best company ever ♡

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Update: Still sad. Still stressed. Still looking at pictures of Meg Turney.

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Not the most accurate title.

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all the cool cartoons have a senseless character cluster of an illustration, so here’s one for the achievement hunters’ minecraft lets play series!

please open it in a new tab to view fullsize!

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Jack you cutie

joe the cat really let himself go

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this photo is very important

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